Cuckold dictionary 

What is cuckold?  What is the difference between a cuck and stag?  
How do you define a hotwife or vixen?  How to be a bull?
Here a short guide with the most populair cuckold terms.

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Cuck cuckoldcouple

Cuckold / Cuck / Cuckoldress

Cuckold also spelt Cuckhold; A modern day definition. A cuckhold is a married couple or part of a partnership were the husband/male encourages his wife/partner to enjoy sex with other men. This husband is the cuck. He can, but not always be bi-sexual. And may crossdress (see: sissy). His main role is to ensure his wife/partner’s pleasure whether he is present or not. Wife/partner controls his & her sex life Mostly the Husband is subservient to the wife and her partner. The sex partner of the wife is her Bull. The bull usually is considered as a more fit and stronger man than the cuck. The cuck can be watching and/or being verbal humiliated by the bull. The cuck does not want to join. Joining can ruin the fantasy for the cuck. Some cucks are "caged" and not allowed to have an erection. The caged is locked by the wife.

The wife/partner is usually referred to as a Cuckoldress and she is the dominant in their relationship but not necessarily dominant in relation to her sexual partner or partners who may be the Bull and the dominant in their relationship

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stag cuckold


In contrary to a submissive cuck, a stag is a strong male. He is usually an Alpha Male who enjoys his wife having sex with another man or men. The Stag will often be involved either watching or possibly joining in. As written above; cucks don't join. The stag often encourages his wife to explore her sexual side. He is not into being humiliated nor dominated.  A large part of his pleasure is from his wife being pleasured, whether by other males or other males and himself in a threesome setting. The wife of a stag is usually considered as the vixen.

Stag / Vixen couples can be in an open- or polyamorous relationship.

vixen wife


Often combined with the “Stag” as the wife/female partner in that relationship. Often subservient to her Husband/partner but certainly never dominant to him and her Bull or other male partners. Her pleasure is her stag’s ultimate goal. A vixen can also be subject to humiliation. Vixen wives do not have sex with others without agreement of their stag husband. In contrary to the hotwife, who is dominant and she has all the freedom and power to do whatever she wants.

Hotwife cuckold


She is similar to the vixen and many consider her to be the same , but usually she has a more dominant role. She is in it for the sex! Unlike the vixen, she is dominant but not to the extent of a cuckoldress or a domme. Her pleasure is important and also the pleasure her stag husband. Though the pleasure is also more balanced between the “players”

The hotwife has sex whenever she wants, with who she wants. She doesn't need agreement from their partner / cuck. She can do without even telling him, or letting him know afterwards. That is not considered as cheating. The cuck might even be "caged" and locked.

Bull cuckold


This is the one that can take many roles depending on your point of view. A Bull is one of the dominant males in a Stag/Vixen relationship or “THE” dominant male or group of males in a cuckold relationship. This dominance can extent to more than sexual powers and can involve control of the cuckold and vixen to the point of controlling their lives. There are many ways to define and so many variants to this. The cuckolded husband may also become part of the sexual dominance too. This is all part of the Bulls choice and how much he wants the husband to be part of it.

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Sissy cuck caged

A "caged" sissy wearing his wife's lingerie

Sissy cuck

The sissy cuck likes humiliation. A sissy is getting dressed into female clothes or lingerie. This can be done by the bull who undresses the wife and forces the cuck to wear the lingerie of his wife. Sissy cucks are often bisexual and when the bulls wants the sissy has to assist the hotwife sucking the bulls cock. 

There are also single sissies. Submissive males who like to get them self humiliated and showing their self exposed in lingerie, often recognizable with face. Often sissies have cuckold fantasies without their wife knowing anything about it.

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But I have a different feeling about these cuckold terms ..... ?

With years of experiences in online communities we learned that cuckold definitions are widely interpreted. Not every cuck has the same submissive feelings but can also not be considered as stag.  Everybody has his own vision, feeling and point of view of their cuckold life.  Terms and interpretations can overlap each other. We did our outmost to define this dictionary in the most generic way. You might see or feel it a bit different, that's okay.  Terms are also a bit interchangeable. But we believe these are the most common and simplest explanations / interpretations  to those who are new in the exciting world of cuckoldry. 

This dictionary will be updated with more terms soon.  
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