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Our cuckold chat community brings cucks, stags, bulls, vixen, sissies, hotwives and all other cuckold related identifications together. A valuable community where quality comes above quantity. Find a cuck or bull. This is an adult website, 18+ only



Since April, and before the end of 2023, we have grown our user base to over 15,000 chatters, and we are still experiencing rapid growth of 100/day.


Verified cuckold couples

Real chatters who have verified themselves as the original picture owner (hubby) or female chatters who have posed with our badge.


Grow rate

Currently, each day, over 100 new chatters register on our chat platform, making us the fastest-growing cuckold chat at the moment.

April 12th 2024: 1 year 321cuckold

April 12th we celebrated a significant milestone: the first anniversary of 321cuckold.
This past year has been remarkable, filled with growth, community, and countless memorable conversations.
We're grateful for over 24,000 members who've made this journey extraordinary.

Special thanks to our generous contributors for their financial support,
and to our verified users for upholding trust and authenticity.

Join us in making the coming years even more extraordinary.
Special thanks to the females and couples below for posing for our anniversary !
couple cuckold posing
hotwife cuckold posing
hotwife cuckold posing
St4gnl / Saskia
hotwife cuckold posing
hotwife cuckold posing
wife cuckold posing
hotwife cuckold posing

Your value driven cuckold chat

Enjoy chatting and sharing experiences with our community in the cuckold chat room. We're confident you'll encounter like-minded individuals.

For some, it's merely a fantasy, while for others, it's a genuine desire to share their spouse. Some have embraced this lifestyle for decades, while others are just starting.

We welcome individuals with secret desires, as well as real couples who enjoy various roles in real life such as cuck, bull, stag, vixen, hot wife, and more.

Your identification doesn't matter, whether you're a cuck, bull, or something else entirely, there are no strict definitions on how to be a cuckold. Not every cuck is a caged slave, and not every bull is a dominant alpha male.

Perhaps you lean more towards being a stag, or maybe you see yourself as more of a "couples friend" than a dominant bull. Respect is a crucial keyword in our community. We also have an LGBTQI+ room for sissies, transgenders, and gay.

cuckold hot wife

Quality first

Our cuckold community is moderated by real cucks and bulls. Most of our early day members are experienced and known in the online cuckold community for years.

Verified users in chat

Being a verified pic owner means that you are the legit owner of the pics you show. This gives you a huge advantage regarding options in chat. Moreover, you get "trustworthy" anti-fake verified status

VIPs and Hotwife

Let your wife pose with our cuckold chat logo and you will get the VIP verified status with even more options. This also applies to real hot wives (female chatters) who pose with our logo. 

Cuckold Consultant?

Do you remember The Cuckold Consultant? We started our chat on April 12th 2023 as the first successor chat with similar rules and options. You will find your old friends here or make new. Over 15.000 members already joined us.

Some other pages to have a look at

cuckold stories by cucks an bulls

Read cuckold stories written by our community members. Learn from their experiences or fantasies. 

real verified wives
Wall of Verifications

Example verifications of our verified members. These have proven to be a verified pic owner and enjoy the benefits our the green "verified" checkmark status

cuckold chat rules and guides
Rules & Guides

Please respect our rules when using our chat. In this section you learn our rules and you can find our guides how to verify and information about our ranks

cuckold chat rules and guides
Score Gold

Forget Kudo's... We've got Gold. How does it make you feel, pimping your wife or girlfriend for virtual gold? Become a rich pimp, make smart deals and gain a highscore in gold with your wife or girlfriend.

Frequently asked questions

Our chat box does not allow guest accounts, we want to prevent spam and lurkers as much as possible. We prefer to build a valuable community. Registering process is fast and easy, it takes only a few minutes of your time.

Policy of 321cuckold:
All uploads are automatically deleted from our server after 2 days. 321cukcold respects your privacy, we do not save or share your pictures in the community thereafter (as some other chats do) for full disclosure read our privacy policy.

Behavior of other chatters:
Please do realize that when you post in public rooms all visitors can download the pics you upload. Also in verified room other verified users can download your pictures. Although fellow verified might have more respect for your privacy, you never know if they save your pics or not. There is no option to prevent that. Be aware of that. Never share your pictures anywhere on the internet if you don't want them to be downloaded by others. Take your own responsibility for this. 321cuckold is not liable for downloading of your pics by other chatters. For full disclosure see our terms of use.

We encourage to become a verified pic owner. We have a simple process to check if the pics are yours. When you are verified you get a trustworthy "anti-fake" checkmark next to your username. See our guide.

No. We have strict rules. Of course we have the usual legal rules. We also do not encourage exposure. Random pics you found on the web "webpics" are not allowed.

We are glad if you tell your friends about our chat, or share our chat in skype groups. But please do not spam other chats such as cuckoldconsultant, cfwives, 321sexchat, slutwives etc. We are not here to competite them or to "fight" them. We don't like our chat to be spammed so we do not spam others. Respect is important. "Live and let live" is our thought.

Yes, if you want to do a voluntary donation you help me covering the costs for hosting, domains and licenses. We do not work with adds. All donations above €32.50 euro will get a lifetime contributor VIP account (see ranks for all benefits).  You can also buy GOLD packags as of €5,-
You can donate with Credit Card, Crypto, iDeal, Link or more.

No doubts anymore?

Are you ready to make your first steps into the exploring the world of cuckolding?
Are you ready to tell others more about your experiences?
Are you ready to see real hot wives or seeing cucks sharing their wives?
Are you ready to meet real hot wives looking for a bull?

Our team

Aquarius chatowner

"Active on the adult internet since 1999 and I found my way into the online  community many years ago.  I have seen several chats come and go. After a well respected chat went offline I decided to look into the option of building a chat myself. Things went fast and one thing let to another in a short while 321cuckold was born."

doublefister admin stable

"I've been on adult boards for over 25 years and on the chat scene for over 15 years. For many I need no introduction having been on most sites over that time and even been Admin or Mod on a number of them . I am most know for being a Owner/Collector and for my "Stable" a term I started way back to define my owned wifes and has stayed with me."

Fat Thor
Head of Mod Team

“The god of thunder, rock and roll and chat sites! With 20+ years of experience on adult chat/sites, I learned the hard way first hand of the do’s and don’ts of chat sites. I was well known as a stern but fair moderator. I’m now bringing my knowledge to I abhor fakes and bad actors and am dedicated to keeping them out and protecting and helping users to not only enjoy their time here, but to learn what to avoid and be safe online”..

cuckold chat mod team
Mod team
All verified/trusted users

We have several moderators who monitor our chat daily. Our team is still extending. Moderators can remove bad content and bad actors. Do you want to join our mod team and help keeping the site clean and save? Drop Aquarius a message in chat.

Our thoughts




Follow the rules

No spam

Live and let live