Cuckold Dice Game 

A dice game is a must have game for a cuckold chat. Every cuck, stag  loves to show his wife to a bull where the dice decides what kind of pic to share. Play nice, Play dice.
Here you can find several dice game sheets and rules.

Go to the cuckold chat and select the Dice room

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Cuckold dice Rules & Games

Find here the cuckold chat dice game rules.
Also find several gamesheets which you can use.
Note: You can also dice in PM !
Cuckold dice game rules
Cuckold chat dice game rules

This sheets tells you how to play the dice game in our cuckold chat. Dice also works in private messages. 

Cuckold dice game
Cuckold chat dice game 1

A gamesheet for the dice room

cuckold dice new game
Cuckold chat new dice games?

Wanna make more dice sheets? Sent them to us by e-mail. Play in the dice chatroom.