The Gold Rush

Learn more about our gold system. Pimp your wife or girlfriend for virtual money, become the richest at the chat each month or all time. This page tells you how to earn gold, spend gold and shows you a top 100 list of all time top members.

Top Gold Members All Time - Collected Gold

The top gold members all time (collected gold) will be updated once a month. Each first day of the month your spendable gold will be reset to 500G (users) or 1000G (verified).

Your gold will not be lost, if you have spendable gold left at the moment of reset, it will be added to your collected gold.
So the Top Collected Gold members show all the gold until the last reset.

With this monthly reset, there is a competition each month and everybody has a fair chance to get into the top 25. Also new chatters. There's a fair competition. This makes it way more challenging and fun for all users.

Besides the challenging gameplay element, there is another important reason to do this; more options to buy with gold (besides gifts) will be introduced soon. Without a monthly reset the top can buy everything, while 95% of you can buy nothing. 

You can see the spendable and collected gold of each user in his profile.
You can also see your own gold balances by clicking on your profile pic top right.

- Top gold members All time and last month can now be found in our forum.
- 5 Ways to earn gold
- 4 Ways to spend gold 

cuckold chat top gold
Cuckold chat top gold 2

5 ways to EARN gold

  • Visit our chat
    You get 5 GOLD for each minute online. To prevent cheating there will be an auto disconnect after a certain period of inactivity. You also get 500 (user) or 1000 (verified) free gold each month.
  • Join the gold games
    Our host "Goldfinger" plays gold games in the room. For example "post 2 pics of your wife dressed/undressed". The reward will be 1000 GOLD per post.  Gold games will be played during different hours and are random. One of our mods will host the game using the goldfinger account
  • Pimp your wife
    You can share gold to another chatter (click his/her profile in user list; action> share gold).
    How does it make you feel, pimping your wife or girlfriend for virtual money? Become a rich pimp, make smart deals and gain a highscore in gold with your wife or girlfriend. Trade smart for example; "I share full on/of for 1000 gold".
    Be creative and be a good pimp and you can earn money gold. Make the other chatters pay you !
  • Get likes
    Each like you get earns you 5 GOLD. Easy gold.
  • Verify and/or Referral
    You get 1000 GOLD for verification.  You get another 1000 GOLD if you bring in new verified users (referral bonus).
    To claim referral bonus: The new verified user needs to send us a message that you referred him.

4 ways to SPEND gold

  • Buy gifts for another chatter
    wanna buy a nice and funny reward for another chatter? You can send him a special gift.
    (click his/her profile in user list; action> send gift).
    If you receive a gift, it will be stored on your profile. 
  • Share gold to another chatter
    Besides a gift, you can also send gold to another chatter. 
    (click his/her profile in user list; action> share gold).
  • Give a like
    If you like a post, you share 5 gold to the poster.  Expensive? No: don't forget you earn 5 gold a minute by being online.
    You also get 500 or 1000 free gold each month. 
    When you like a post when you don't have enough gold (0), nothing happens. The poster does not get a like/notification and does not receive gold. You must give a lot of likes to go bankrupt ;)
  • Buy chat options (badges):
    Buy a new post, Buy an artwork, Buy your wife on login page.. etc
    Please find more info about badges here