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Your first and most secure cuckold consultant successor chat. Read more about our secure platform, our vision and our possibilities. A rapid grow and loyal userbase. We listen to feedback. The chat is not only mine, it is ours, it is yours!

Read everything about the fast growing chat and my vison below.

Yours, Aquarius.
Owner 321cuckold

  1. The history 321cuckold. Our cuckold chat started on April 12th 2023. We are the first chat who stepped into the gap that "The cuckold consultant" left in the cuckold chat community after they unfortunately got down. read more
  2. Why 321cuckold chat? Our six key focus points are what make our site unique and set us apart from the competition  Read more
  3. Founded by like minded people. Read more about the owner's background and vision. read more
cuckold chat the beginning

April 9th, 2023 .. Blue: Aquarius / Grey: Doublefister

The best cuckold chat, why?

Our cuckold chat started on April 12th 2023. We are the first chat who stepped into the gap that "The cuckold consultant" left in the cuckold chat community after they unfortunately got down.

Aquarius, a former chatter on "CC" was testing with Codychat and decided to bring the community a new platform. At the same time he was chatting with Doublefister who immediately hooked on. Together we defined our vision and code of conduct. Our community is based upon similar rules and principles as CC. We both agreed to focus on quality rather than quantity. 3 days later 321cuckold was live.

We keep investing in new improvements and options. Recently we added the famous and unique like button. You can gain kudo's (gold) again. Also the unique feature to upload multiple pics to one post with a caption has been brought back. This came also from listening to our users feedback.

We started from 0 .. In only ten months we gained a userbase of almost 21.000 chatters and we are growing fast. The current grow is over 100 new chatters a day. This is tremendous and we thank our loyal user base for inviting people to our chat. We can proudly say that we reached this without spamming other chats.

We have a unique verification process. You can simply proof that you are the hubby, the original pic owner. For females we have a VIP verification process. With over 1750 verified users we can say with confidence that is filled with real and authentic people. Each day about 10 people send their verification. We go for quality, not only for quantity.  

The verified room is the most popular of all our rooms and seems to be getting bigger all the time.

You can choose between a dark or light interface. Our "colorful" chat has a rich userinterface which we keep on improving to offer you the best experience.
We listen to user feedback, we ask for your opinion in news posts and feedback is always appreciated. Do not hesitate to send our staff a message.

We keep investing in new improvements and options and are grateful to our contributors who are helping finance this. But all users can help by spreading the word and telling us what we are doing right (or wrong).

Thank you all again for your support,
The Team of 321cuckold

Cuckold consultant chat succesor

Why 321 cuckold chat ?

  • The First Cuckold Consultant Successor. 
    Don't let yourself fooled by our copy cats. Our chat platform is the first and most secure CC successor. We have the knowledge to build you a full and secure alternative. We are the first, the strongest and the most safe place. We take your privacy very seriously. We know how to maintain websites and databases. We are also the first to re-introduce the like button... and there is much more to come.
    321cuckold chat doesn't follow, we lead. Come join our strong chat. 
  • Continue Improvement and development.
    We are working daily to improve the chat. New options will be added. We listen to your feedback and comments. We can code things our self but we also have a cooperation with a preferred chatscript developer. This options are limitless. More new features will come in Q4-2023.  We are far from done yet !
  • No adds.
    The community is run by real people from the community. The chat is not about making money. Aquarius paid for the startup. Now we rely on donations. All donated money will be spend on the project,  we have not commercial interest or personal interest. We thank all our contributors for supporting us!  (donate >€25,- and get lifetime VIP-rank!)
  • Verified users
    Over 1500 users verified already. Daily many new users verify to claim their Trustworthy status are verified chatter.
    Let people know you are real. There are so many "fakers" around on chatsites, proof you are not. 
    Our cuckold chat / sex chat is unique because of a huge percentage of users are proven as real.

  • Management understand your privacy.
    Mods are volunteers and come and go. Your verifications are handled by owner and co-founder only.
    We have been told that on CC verifications have been shared within a huge team of mods, which is risky.
    We will not do that. 
  • No quest accounts
    Herewith we discourage "lurkers" who watch and download only.
    Registering takes only a minute of your time. Join us ! Click here to chat.

More about Aquarius and his vision

cuckold chat aquarius

Aquarius, who were you on Cuckold consultant?

Active on the adult internet since 1999 and I found my way into the online chat community almost 10 years ago. Over the years I learned it is better not to mix personal feelings with professionalism. As chat owner I like to act independent and not to be known as "that chatter from CC". This site is also a learning curve for me.

Dr36, known from the Cuckold Consultant wrote on his page "I am humble an private person", and I like that quote. He was a respected private individual, and I like to be that as well. Further more I don't have secrets about the site; ask me about ideas, plans. 

"Aquarius, who are you?"
cuckold consultant

What is your vision with 321cuckold?

321cuckold distinguishes itself by being an open and friendly community with as many verified users as possible. Privacy of our users is very important and should always be respected. Pics are deleted from our server within 48h. People need to feel comfortable with the mod/admin team, instead of seeing them as a bunch of arrogant guys. Everybody should feel welcome and respected at our chat. The chat should be known as a warm and safe place to chat. We do not judge people about their feelings or desires. Admins do not act based on our personal taste and are independent. What happend between chatters at other chats stays there, everybody is welcome with a fresh start.

"A safe harbor for our users"
cuckold chat hotwife

How do you look at the "competition"? 

I started this chat after another well respected chat (CC) went offline. As user I lost my friends and looked into the options.  I installed the chatsoftware "Cody Chat" on my server. One thing lead to another, and in only a few days 321cuckold and our cuckold chat room was born. 

Important to say is that we are not here to competite other chats. A very important qoute for me is "Live and let live". 

We are building our own community, based on quality. We prefer to welcome a lot of users who are willing to verify. Feel free to help us and invite your "community friends" to our chat, but please do not spam others. We don't like to get spammed ourself as well. 

"Live and let live"
Invite your community friends and help us build on the community
cuckold chat hotwife

How do you finance the project?

I Aquarius, paid for the hosting, domains, chat license from my private savings. We are not a commercial company. There are no adds. For me this is a hobby because I love the community. After 2 months we had to upgrade to an expensive VPS server. Our average yearly costs are €1350, The costs and donations will be published on the donation page. 

If you like the project you can help me by sending a donation . You can decide how much you donate. Every donation above €32,50 gets a lifetime VIP

"Help me by contribute to the project"
Or have fun and go to our cuckold chat room

Wanna know more first?

Not in the mood to go to the cuckold chat room today?
Read our welcome messages.
It might convince you to join or chat as cuck or bull.

Rules & Guides

Rules, we need them. Please be sure your follow the rules when joining our chat.
Furthermore we have some clear guides about how to get verified and gain a trusthworthy anti-fake status.
The guides explain the difference in our ranks at the cuck chat. We have a nice gold system which you can see as a game to get the highest gold score and become the richest at 321cuckold.  Just have fun !

Help me support the project 

Have a loot at our donation page for info